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Helping Children Heal From Abuse

We like to think that all children come from happy, safe environments, but that simply isn’t the
case. Did you know that one in six children in the United States is victims of child abuse and or

We want to help support children in our community when there are concerns of abuse or neglect. The fundamental goal at hand is to end child abuse via supportive programs offered to children and families. Their services include medical examinations, forensic interviews, family support, and prevention education – all in a safe, child-focused, and welcoming environment that allows a child to rebuild from their trauma and prevent future abuse from occurring. We to help community leaders, caregivers, teachers, and all concerned adults to increase awareness
about child abuse and provide the resources needed to keep children safe.

“We know our community well and feel confident that we all want to work our hardest in
protecting our children.”

We want to work together to ensure all children can lead their most fulfilling lives. Together, WE CAN end child abuse and neglect.

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